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About Ali

Ali Ghassemi is the mastermind behind Weaver & Loom. He was born into the rug industry. Modern times doesn’t allow us to work off of one map anymore – that’s where the Weaver & Looms’ truly bespoke rug design service comes in. The Ghassemi family owns 150+ looms, allowing them the freedom to produce handmade rugs in any size, any colour for any price point.

The rug industry is upside down right now. For the first time its changing from rug manufactures making something they think you want vs. asking for your say. Asking: What do you want? What do you need? For the first time it’s changing from mass production to custom pieces. We’re spearheading a movement of complete bespoke rug service for designers and private clients. There’s no need to choose from a private collection of designs and customize from there. With us, you have creative freedom. Everything is custom.


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